Welcome to Hartfield Consulting & Trading

Welcome to our website! Hartfield Consulting & Trading has been established to support and increase your trading activities of technical products for the process industry. Our experience stretches out over 15 years in markets such as Oil & Gas, (Petro)Chemical-, Food & Beverage- and Water industries. Our core expertise is trading in the Oil & Gas Industry in an international environment.

Our company focusses on business development consulting, sales, operations and trading activities.


Business Consulting Services

Business Consulting Services is our core activity that  focuses on a hands-on approach to drive your business growth and increase profits.

Specific services we provide are sales initiatives, project pursuit and project sales, proposal management, tender management, channel management and profit management.

So, whether you are an original equipment manufacturer or a trading house, a starting small business or an enterprise that wants to expand in new territory, we are the solution to realize growth in turn-over and profits without having to maintain a large sales organization that often puts a lot of pressure on the profitability of your organization. 


Industrial Trade

Our Industrial Trade division is providing procurement, sales and logistic services for technical products, components or materials to the process industry such as fittings, flanges, valves, instrumentation, and measurement devices. 

We differentiate ourselves through in-depth understanding of technical requirements of equipment & materials. We also have an excellent feel for 'hidden' & 'indirect' costs during operations (such as downtime, loss of revenue, etc). Our aim is to select materials, products and solutions that have the lowest total cost of ownership throughout the intended commercial lifetime.

Hartfield ENVIIā„¢ is our registered trade mark for a select range of products to limit emission of hazardous fluids of your process facility into the environment.

Environmental rules and regulations are becoming more stringent every time. Enforcement of those rules become more aggressive with increasingly heavy fines and penalties. Furthermore not complying to environmental rules & regulations may have a dramatic impact on a company's image and reputation. We support customers in selecting the right products to minimize impacts on the environment.

Please visit www.hartfieldindustrial.com for the offerings of our trade division.